Department ofMechatronics


PEO-1: Core Competence
With a foundation in Electronics as well as Mechanical, we will enable our trainees to secure careers in Mechatronics with abilities to handle engineering problems or to be employable in a related career path.
PEO-2:-Engineering Application of Domain Knowledge
Our trainees will apply their knowledge and skills to analyze the problem at hand, identify the process of problem solving, formulate the solution and design/develop the method for solving real-life engineering problems.
PEO-3: Life – Long Learning in Core and Multi – Disciplinary Areas
Our trainees will continue to develop their skills and pursue knowledge after completion of their training with the intention to adapt to advancing technology as well as the needs of society and industry.
PEO-4: Professionalism and Research Culture
Our trainees will attain necessary professional skills such as leadership skills, high ethical standards, effective communication skills, problem solving abilities in order to progress in their professional careers as well as to develop research and innovation abilities.