Sonam Palden Barfungpa

Principal, ATTC

Personal Profile

Dedicated and hardworking. Have served ATTC since 1999 and have represented ATTC in various meetings, workshops and seminars at both national and international levels. Was appointed as the Vice Principal since 1999 and have supported all Principals that have served ATTC .

Work Experience

Workshop Supervisor (CWAL) 1997-1999

Worked for two years at Chandmari Car Workshop and Automobiles Ltd. from January 1997 to February 1999. Was responsible in estimate preparation and repair of government vehicles.


Lecturer,April 1999- June 2006

Sr Lecturer July 2006-October 2008

Head of Department (Computer & General Science) November 2008-Till date During the 16 years in ATTC, handled several additional responsibilities apart from regular ones.

Training and Foreign Visits

1.Trained in basic teaching and workshop practice for two months at Indo Swiss Training Centre, Chandigarh-1999.

2.Trained in modern machinery and workplace assessment for two months at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia-2000.

3.Trained in CNC Technology and Auto CAD for three months at BBZ, Fulda, Germany- 2005.



B.E Mechanical (1996) and M.Tech (IT) July 2008

Passed BE Mechanical from Regional Engineering College, Silchar in the year 1996 and Masters in Technology (IT) from SMIT in the year 2008.

Additional Qualification/Certification

1.Workplace Assessor, David Kay , Melbourne, Australia

2.CMI level 5 certificate Management and Leadership (QCF), United Kingdom

3.Leadership Development Programme, AICTE and UKIERI